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Wonderful Activities

Wonderful Activities

President Zhang Xi had a discussion with the teachers and students of the College of Communication Engineering

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Posted on: 2019-05-14

On March 22nd, 2019, Prof. Dr. Zhang Xi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Jilin University, came to the College of Communication Engineering (CCE) and had a discussion with about a hundred teachers and students. Some members of the leadership of the CCE, young and middle-aged teachers and students participated in the discussion. Professor Zhang extended best wishes to all teachers and students and addressed an excellent speech on the characteristics of the CCE’s disciplines.

Professor Zhang believes that interest, which can be cultivated, is the best teacher for students. Educators should discover and cultivate the students’ interest and imperceptibly influence students to become talents. In scientific research, strengthening cooperation and collaboration is of great importance. While improving their own abilities, scholars also need to achieve mutually beneficial results through cooperation, so that they can make scientific progresses at a high level. Graduate advisers should teach students in accordance with their aptitude and choose a right path for students which matches their interest and ability. Professor Zhang hopes that the teachers of CCE can take a rigorous, calm and consistent attitude towards teaching, scientific research and other aspects.

President Zhang’s speech won the warm applause from all teachers and students there. Later, Zhang interacted with them and answered their questions about teaching, scientific research and student development. He said that Jilin University was undergoing the development period of connotative construction, so the main task was to improve the capability of cultivating undergraduates and postgraduates through the construction of faculty and the introduction and cultivation of high quality talents. As for the teaching of undergraduates, he believes that teaching basic theory to students is the foundation of cultivating talents. Besides, it is necessary to promote the personalized cultivation of students and select the students with solid knowledge foundation and huge potential as the key targets. Teachers should master excellent teaching methods and efforts should be made by the CCE to cultivate innovative talents.

Regarding how to instruct postgraduates, he hoped that advisers could teach students in accordance with their aptitude, give full play to the specific strengths of students in the teamwork, help students improve the scientific research ability and inspire their interest in scientific research. Advisers should work to help students surpass themselves and encourage them to make breakthroughs. He believes that young teachers should be included in the team of scientific research. In the spirit of cooperation, young teachers should boldly explore in their own research directions, which should be relatively independent. In terms of scientific research team, he hoped that master students, doctoral students and members of research team could balance the purpose of research with theory, calculation and experiments. By explaining the research types such as Bohr’s, Pasteur’s and Edison’s Quadrants, President Zhang expected that everyone could do whatever they were interested in and able to do, gave full play to their own advantages to serve the national strategies in the spirit of science.

Finally, President Zhang expressed his hopes to all faculty with the College of Communication Engineering, hoping that they can be self-cultivated while engaged in education work, teach with curiosity and imagination, do research with critical thinking, and be good at communicating and expressing, so that they can become excellent educators with the spirit of cooperation, resilience, and sense of responsibility.